Titan 0516012 Xt290 Airless Sprayer
Price: $405.25
You save: $32.97 (7 %)
5 new from $405.250 used
  • Maximum tip size 017
  • 5/8 hp motor
  • Smart-move collapsible cart
Warranty: This product is covered by a 2-year factory warranty, which means you can paint with confidence.
Psi: You can get the PSI you need when you need it. This unit can produce an astonishing 3000 psi, high above the average.
Power: The 5/8 hp engine generates the power you need to handle any paint job, so don’t worry about running out of steam.
Convenience: The included cleaning adapter cuts down on clean up time significantly, which will be convenient after you’re done with the job.
Quality: This unit was built from the finest components. Each part was tested for quality and durability.
Weight: TThis unit is heavier than some of its competitors. The added performance features have increased its weight.