Treblab Xr100 Earbuds Review

By September 27, 2016Electronics


Great Battery Life: The Treblab XR100 Earbuds have the best in class battery life for wireless workout headphones with an astounding 9 hours. Most won’t have to recharge for a week!
Feather Light: It’s hard to believe that these wireless headphones weigh in at just 0.7 ounces. That’s barely heavier than the Bose headphones and those don’t have batteries!
Fantastic Sound: These headphones aren’t just trying to be the best wireless headphones on the market, they’re trying to be the best headphones period. The sound quality is absolutely amazing.
True Noise Cancellation: Every single pair of headphones in this comparison come with noise cancellation, but only these and the Bose have more than passive noise cancellation.
Quick Charge: Things that last a long time on a single charge are often forgotten when it’s time to charge, which makes the Treblab workout headphones clutch with 2-hour quick charge to full battery. The time it takes to drive to the gym will give most enough charge time for a quick workout.

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