Vertagear Racing Series P-Line PL6000 Review

By June 20, 2016Gaming
Weight Limit: Made with a steel frame, the Vertagear Racing Series P-Line PL6000 has the highest weight limit of all our picks, allowing for an impressive 440-pound weight capacity.
Cushion: The comfort factor of this chair is increased dramatically by the addition of high-density foam. The end result is a gaming chair with ample cushion, as well as high resistance and durability.
Support: With many other gaming chairs have either a headrest or lumbar support, this chair offers both, giving you the best of both worlds!
Assembly: Some customers have reported difficulty assembling this chair once they received it. One thing to look out for is that some of the bolts and washers are already installed out of the box, so don’t fret if it looks like you’re missing parts.
Wheels: The caster wheels that attach to the legs of this chair are heavier than normal and you may experience some resistance when attempting to move it across thick carpet.


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