Vmaxtanks Vmax857 Tm Agm Review

By September 21, 2016Automotive
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Lightweight: The limited weight of 25 pounds makes this battery extremely portable and compact, ideal for nautical travelers.
Heavy Duty: This product features heavy duty grids, which allows for a longer life and higher performance.
Maintenance Free: This battery is 100% maintenance free, which gives you a peace of mind knowing you never have to do anything to it.
Tight Sealed: This battery is tightly sealed, which allows you to mount it in any position you want without having any spillage.
Warranty: The warranty only covers this battery for 30 days, which isn’t enough to fully test it and get used to its intricacies.
Cold Cranking Amps: This product’s cold cranking amps is only rated at 300, which is significantly lower than some of the other competitors.

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