Vonhaus Electric Garden Tiller Review

By September 26, 2016Tools
Price: $109.95
You save: $90.04 (45 %)
1 new from $109.950 used
  • POWERFUL: 850W motor
  • IMPRESSIVE TILLING DEPTH: 4 robust steel tines - with 4 extra-sharp blades - capable of tilling to 8.6 inches deep and 12.5 inches wide
  • DOUBLE HANDLED: For stability and maneuverability. Easily access the exact patch of soil you need to till without damaging the surrounding area.
  • SAFETY CUT OUT PROTECTION SWITCH: Stops the motor, preventing damage to the blades.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: 20.7 lbs design
Portability: This is one of the easier electric tillers to push around, as it’s light enough and the wheels are well built.
Comfort: The rubber handles and distance between the pushing mechanisms make this a comfortable tiller to move around.
Workhorse: The power to size ratio on this model is top of the line – you’re going to get a great bang for your buck with this purchase.
Durability: Though some of the parts of this product are well made, there were some complaints about its overall quality.
Wheel Bar: Some people complain that the wheel bar seems wobbly and could bend or break overtime.

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