Price: $129.00
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  • Patented technology sprays undiluted paint
  • For small projects and fine finishing
  • Adjusts flow rate for coating speed and project size
  • Sprays an 8 ft. by 10 ft. surface in 1-5 minutes and can spray up to 8.0 gal. per hour
  • iSpray nozzle is designed without wear parts extending the usable life
  • Includes 1 year warranty
  • iSpray nozzle adjustments include horizontal or vertical and wide or narrow patterns.
  • X-Boost turbine generates 3 times the power of comparable sprayers
Durable: The superb craftsmanship of this product makes it very durable and rugged, perfect for most jobs.
Warranty: A 1-year warranty is included with this sprayer; you will be able to count on this product when you need it.
Portability: This unit is extremely portable because it is lightweight, as it weighs only 4lbs., which is lighter than most other models.
X-Boost: The Patented X-Boost technology allows the turbine to produce more power than the average product.
Psi: Electric paint sprayers are known to possess less horsepower when compared to gas powered models.


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Francis K. doesn’t stray too far from his toolshed. In fact, other than a brief stint at college, he’s been working on DIY projects or professional woodworking since he was a teenager. If it involves handiwork and a little elbow grease, he’s your guy.