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  • The Pure CF Sound Engine faithfully reproduces the tone of a meticulously sampled and highly acclaimed Yamaha concert grand piano
  • GHS weighted action is heavier in the low register and lighter in the high, just like an acoustic piano
  • Score Display puts music notation of MIDI songs on the screen, helping you play your favorites by following the bouncing ball
  • The Piano Room lets you choose from a variety of pianos and acoustic settings to create your own personal piano environment
  • The 6-track recorder allows you to capture your performances and song ideas, then add additional layers to spice-up your pieces
Microphone Compatibility: Plug in your microphone to the built-in jack and take advantage of the electric piano’s vocal effects as you sing while you play.
Built-In Speakers: As you sing along with your playing or pre-recorded karaoke song files from Yamaha MusicSoft, hear your voice with digital effects through the built-in speakers.
Pre-Recorded Songs: Learn all the hit songs using Yamaha’s ‘You Are The Artist’ library and best-selling sheet music.
Score Display: Tackle all of your favorite tunes by following the scrolling notes or lyrics on the Yamaha DGX-660’s built-in Score Display.
Connectivity: Using the electronic keyboard’s USB port, you can record your performance to a USB device and share it with your friends and family.
Accessories: Although the keyboard stand is included in your purchase, the bench must be purchased separately, which isn’t too much of a hassle.


About the Author:

Karen Y. was said to have been singing and dancing in the womb. While that may not be true, her passion for music has existed since she can remember. Name an instrument and she’s played it. Name a genre and she loves it. There’s no type of music to which she can’t play or listen.