Price: $449.00
15 new from $449.000 used
  • 200W Class A/B Power Amplifier
  • Ultra-low latency circuit for player responsiveness
  • Pure analog front-end, with diode overdrive capability
  • Proprietary dynamic tone shaping
  • Class A/B output stage with unregulated linear supply
Sound: The ZT Lunchbox produces a beautiful, clean sound at any level without losing a bit of clarity or depth.
Volume: Packing 200 watts of power, it has enough output for a jam or live gig, despite it’s modest size and weight of less than 10 pounds.
Digitech Effects: The Digitech Effects pedal can get the tones, reverb, tremolo and overdrive sounds needed. It also has an iPod jack, a headphone jack and ambiance.
Front End: The Lunchbox features a pure analog front-end, with diode overdrive capability, which is great for musicians of all skill levels.
Missing: It has only one stereo channel, so you’re going to have to deal with a minimal range in that regard, unfortunately.


About the Author:

Karen Y. was said to have been singing and dancing in the womb. While that may not be true, her passion for music has existed since she can remember. Name an instrument and she’s played it. Name a genre and she loves it. There’s no type of music to which she can’t play or listen.