9 Must-Have Countertop Appliances

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Whether you live in a spacious house or a cramped apartment, finding enough space in your kitchen to cook everything you crave is tough. You can easily make use of your basic stove, oven and other built-in appliances.

However, there are a number of gadgets you can buy to transform your kitchen. These essential appliances, which you can either store until you need them or use as a permanent accessory on your counter, will maximize space and shake up your cooking routine. Here are nine must-have countertop appliances and how to choose the best one for your food preparation needs.

Air Fryer

Air Fryer

For those with a hankering for crispy food, embracing the air fryer is a delicious way to tease your tastebuds and spruce up your countertop. This hot air cooking appliance, which is excellent for preparing chicken, french fries, and other crispy delights, affords you the luxury of takeout in the comfort of your own home. When ordering an air fryer, select one that is ETL certified as well as either a basket fryer, or a paddle one depending on the amount of fried goods you need to prepare.

Electric Griddle

For those with a big family or a small stovetop, choosing a good electric griddle is an important step when optimizing space. This large, flat cooking surface, which is ideal for pancakes and bacon, offers more space to work with than your typical stovetop and it encompasses a non-stick surface so that you never have to worry about food plastering itself to the heated top. When choosing an electric griddle, make sure to get one with a surface size that suits the amount of food you plan to cook at one time, as well as a removable dip tray, a thermostat with exact temperatures, and a cool touch handle.

Electric Skillet

For those who prefer to prepare smaller yet scrumptious meals without using the stove or oven, discovering the electric skillet is an easy way to decorate your countertop. This freestanding cooking device, which is great for preparing meat, eggs, and single meals, extends your cooking space and comes in a range of sizes to suit your food preparation needs. When buying an electric skillet, be positive that you buy one with a non-stick cooking surface, as well as a cool hand touch, a dishwasher safe mode, and an adjustable temperature option.

Coffee Cup

Electric Smoker

For those looking to add a boost of smoky flavor to their meals, acquiring an electric smoker is a creative approach to flavoring food and adorning your kitchen. This large cooking device, which is perfect for smoking meats, fish, cheeses, and vegetables, allows for more cooking space and revolutionizes your cooking regimen. When deciding on an electric smoker, double check that you purchase one with the right amount of cooking space for your household, as well as a meat probe and an air damper.

Induction Cooktop

For those who need a cooking surface that heats up quickly, buying an induction cooktop is a simple way to improve your kitchen and start cooking faster. This magnetic induction cooking vessel, which is convenient for cooking quality food on the go, saves time by heating up faster than flame-powered or electrically heated products. When picking an induction cooktop, order one with a cooking surface that has the best size and placement for the types of food you plan to prepare as well as one that is either portable or built-in, depending on your preferences.

Rice Cooker

For those who consider rice a dietary staple, selecting the best rice cooker is a convenient way to start preparing your meal at the touch of a button. This automated kitchen appliance, which boils or steams rice to perfection every time, cooks your rice for you so you can focus on making the rest of your dinner. When taking home a rice cooker, bag one that automatically keeps your food warm as well as one that has an inner pot with non-stick material and a steamer, so you can cook vegetables and meats with it too.

For those who desire waffles on a regular basis, opting for the best waffle maker is a fun way to curb your cravings. This enjoyable appliance, whose two hinged metal plates in a honeycomb pattern bake batter with heated iron, accessorizes your kitchen and intensifies your breakfast routine. When committing to a waffle maker, purchase one with a desirable browning level and a removable hot plate as well as one for either regular waffles or a Belgian waffles.

Waffle Maker

Toaster Oven

For those who want to toast, bake and broil with a single appliance, purchasing the best toaster oven is the most versatile cooking option for small portions of food. This electrical appliance, which serves as a small oven, heats both bread and a variety of other foods in small quantities, and it takes up only a bit of space on your countertop. When resolving which toaster to go with, find one that comes with the best preset options, as well as safety features, impressive toasting capability, and a stellar capacity.

Slice Toaster

For those who enjoy a simple slice of toast or two in the morning, throughout the day or before bed, finding a great slice toaster is a sure way to utilize your counter. This small electric appliance, which is designed to brown single slices of bread, toasts all kinds of bread in a few minutes using electric heating elements. When working out which toaster to get, invest in one whose heating element starts up the fastest as well as one that is versatile, a nice size and has safety features.

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