Acer Aspire XC Review

By July 14, 2016Gaming
Acer Aspire XC Compact Desktop PC Intel Celeron J1900 2GHz

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Energy: The Acer Aspire XC is a very compact machine, and it consumes very little energy. Feel free to use this device for as long as you like without jacking up your power bill.
Stability: Customers have reported the stability of this machine allows it work well as a dedicated gaming server. This is a testament to its design and resistance to crashing, even while under heavy load.
Emulation: While the internal components of this machine are a bit weaker than some of the others on this list, its stock hardware make it more than capable of playing hundreds of older titles with the aid of emulator software.
Compact Design: This computer’s compact shell is able to fit into tight spaces effortlessly and can easily transported to LAN parties, if that’s something you’re into.
Processor: The ancient Celeron processor included with this computer will not be able to run games newer than five years old. Stick to older titles, or use this as a server.

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