Air Trekkers Review

By February 16, 2017Toys and Games


Extremely Fun: The Air Trekkers performance stilts are a blast! While definitely awkward in the beginning, once you get the hang of them they’re super fun to run around and jump around in.
Definitely a Workout: The amount of effort required to use the Air Trekkers is surprising. Each step takes as much effort as five normal steps. Using the Air Trekkers will definitely give you a unique and fun workout.
Jump 6 Feet in the Air: After you become accustomed to using the Air Trekkers, you’ll soon be jumping as high as 6 feet in the air! You’ll also be able to cover some serious ground as each stride will cover around 6 feet of ground too.
Sturdy Construction: Strapping on the Air Trekkers for the first time you immediately notice the quality of construction. This helps put your mind at ease, giving you confidence that they aren’t going to break when all your weight comes slamming back down to earth from a 6 foot leap.
Not Optimized for Splayed Feet: If your feet point outward, the Air Trekkers are very difficult to use. With splayed feet, the main support structures will knock against each other which can result in tripping you while running. This is not an ideal prospect.
Dangerous: Under even the most ideal conditions, stilts are dangerous. This especially true for these performance stilts. Even a simple fall from standing is going to hurt. The height from which you fall will have a greater than normal impact. Be sure to let your body absorb the impact from any fall instead of putting your arms out. Otherwise you’ll probably suffer some broken bones.

The Breakdown

The Air Trekkers performance stilts are a blast. They’re a unique way to run around, jump around, and exercise. They’re completely different from traditional stilts and have an extremely steep learning curve, but the effort is definitely well worth it. There are a couple of caveats, and for the price, you should really consider them before purchasing.

First off, if your feet point outward or are splayed, then these are very difficult to use. If they face outward, the main support structures will knock against each other which can cause you to fall. And you do not want to fall while wearing these. It’s a long way down to the ground!



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