Alienware Steam Machine ASM100-4980BLK Review

By July 10, 2016Gaming
Alienware Steam Machine ASM100-2980BLK

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OS: As a Steam Machine, this computer comes with the lightweight and highly functional SteamOS. This is a Linux-based operating system designed specifically around playing games and streaming local game footage.
Controller: Another great perk this computer sports is its included Steam Controller, which is an innovative PC gamepad that combines mouse and controller functionality. It may take some getting used to, but it really is the controller of the future.
Portable: This computer is designed for gamers, and one aspect in which this is exemplified is the included carrying case. The ease of transport this machine provides makes it ideal for social gamers who love to go to LAN parties.
Design: This machine is sleek, low-profile and beautiful, with tasteful LED placement. No longer with PCs be characterized by their bulky, oversized designs. This computer really is futuristic-looking.
Memory: This machine comes stock with only 4 gigabytes of memory. This is enough to play most games, but some of the more complex games will probably experience a slowdown. Consider upgrading this PC.
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