Amazonbasics 12-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Paper Review

By September 21, 2016Office
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More Security: Shred with confidence knowing your documents are secure. This unit shreds paper to a micro-cut size of 5/32″ x 15/32″.
Shred More: This device is able to shred paper, CDs and DVDs, staples, and even credit cards. You can keep your sensitive information out of prying eyes.
Larger Capacity: You can shred more in less time because this unit has a large capacity bin designed to reduce your workload. The bin is 6.7 gallons.
Cool Down Time: This unit can run continuously for 8 minutes before requiring a 45 min cool down time. This can mean multiple shredding sessions when destroying large amounts of documents.
Paper Jams: This unit does not have a jam protection. This means you will have to clear any paper jams by using the reverse function.

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