ASUS M32AD Desktop Review

By July 10, 2016Gaming
ASUS M32AD Desktop

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Memory: With 8 gigabytes or GB of RAM installed, this machine can handle many different resource-intensive tasks without slowing down or crashing. Enjoy web browsing, listening to music, chatting with friends and playing games all at the same time!
Storage: This desktop comes with a terabyte of hard drive space. Though a section of it is partitioned to handle all the processing for the operating system, the majority of that is free space.
Displays: There’s limits to what the graphics card that comes with this desktop can do. However, it ‘s relatively simple to set up two HD displays with its multiple inputs, and this machine is powerful enough to run them both smoothly.
Wireless: In order to cut down on the number of tangled wires around your workstation, this desktop comes bundled with wireless functionality. Wireless internet can be accessed with its internal wireless card, and peripherals like a headset or keyboard can be connected with Bluetooth.
Additional Features: In addition to its wireless compatibility, this PC can display Ultra HD resolutions, is an energy saver, includes a fan to ensure efficient cooling and comes with ASUS AudioWizard, a pre-loaded app with five selectable point-and-click settings for music, movies, games and voice recording. 
No DVI: Unfortunately, this desktop does not come stock with a DVI output, which means there may be some compatibility issues with newer monitors. This can be fixed by installing a different graphics card that supports DVI.


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