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These are the top five best Waffle Makers on the market, chosen from Hundreds of models.

#5 –  Presto 03510 Flipside BestValueLRG

Price: $39.90
You save: $10.09 (20 %)
69 new from $39.908 used from $31.92
  • Professional-style rotating design with extra-thick grid bakes a 7-inch diameter Belgian waffle with four easy-to-cut sections
  • Dual function base assures convenient rotation for baking and locks in a space-saving vertical position for storage
  • Countdown timer with digital display signals when time is complete; Brushed stainless steel exterior;
  • Nonstick interior easily wipes clean. Care and Cleaning: Hand wash
  • Flips 180 degrees to evenly spread batter for waffles that are crispy outside and tender inside. Refer the User manual page .2 below for Timer Instruction and trouble shooting steps
The Presto 03510 FlipSide waffle maker lets you become a professional waffle chef in minutes. The unique rotating design rotates 180 degrees to allow your waffles to cook quicker. The digital display is easy to read, and it includes a built-in timer. The waffle plates are not removable. This means they would need to be cleaned while still attached to the base of the unit. The non-stick protective coating keeps your food from sticking and makes cleanup easier. This is a quality device that produces excellent results. If you want a waffle maker that isn’t going to break the bank, you should consider this unit. This product is also covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This is the best waffle maker for the money.

#4 –  Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

Price: $39.00
You save: $10.99 (22 %)
18 new from $39.005 used from $31.79
  • Flip for thick, fluffy waffles
  • Adjustable browning control makes waffles crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside
  • Power on and ready to cook indicator lights tell you when power is on and when to add batter
  • Cool-touch handle folds for easy storage
  • Removable dishwasher safe grids and drip tray
The Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker cooks thick and delicious waffles every time. This product can cook waffles up to a thickness of 1 1/2″. This product is designed to let you cook a great breakfast without all the hassle of a big clean up. This product is dishwasher safe. Simply, remove the plates and place them on the bottom shelf of your dishwasher. This unit includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The stainless steel used in the construction of this device is designed to reduce smudges and fingerprints. It is easier to store this product because of its foldable handle. This is a reliable waffle maker that gives you great results. If you are looking for a game changer in the morning, this is a great selection.

#3 – Conair Wmk600 Double

Price: $309.99
1 new from $309.994 used from $229.00
  • Waring Pro WMK600 Double Belgian Waffle Maker; extra-deep 1-inch waffle pockets
  • Nonstick coated waffle grids easily release waffles and makes cleaning effortless
  • Easy-to-handle rotary feature for even baking on top and bottom, 1400 watts of power
  • 2 LED ready indicator lights and 3 audio beep tones signal when each waffle is done
  • Browning control knob; Limited One Year Product Warranty. Kindly refer the user manual below for additional instructions
  • 1400-watt waffle maker bakes 2 Belgian waffles at a time
  • Round-shaped waffle plates; rotating function for even baking
  • Extra-deep 1-inch pockets; rotary thermostat and browning-control knob
  • Simple on/off toggle switch; 2 LED indicator lights; 3 audio beep tones
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards
The Conair WMK600 Double Waffle Maker has an innovative design that gives you two perfect waffles in one cooking session. The rotating griddle lets you get an even cook while keeping your waffles crispy. You always know when your waffles are ready to eat thanks to the indicator lights and tones. This means you can continue multitasking without worrying about burning breakfast. All of these features make this product a smart buy. The nonstick coating reduces cleanup times. This unit does not have removable plates so you will not be able to use a dishwasher to clean this device. This product uses 1,400 watts of waffle making power to cook your food quicker. This is the perfect unit for larger families. You can cook more waffles in less time with this durable waffle maker.

#2 – Cuisinart Waf-300 Belgian Waffle Maker

Price: $73.82
34 new from Too low to display0 used
  • Includes a set of 4-slice Belgian waffle plates and a 4-slot pancake plate
  • Nonstick coated removable plates-dishwasher safe
  • Six setting temperature control
  • Ready to Bake/Ready to Eat indicator lights; audible alert
  • Brushed stainless steel top cover; upright storage; tongs and recipe book included
The Cuisinart WAF-300 Belgian Waffle Maker’s intuitive design makes it easy to use. You get better results thanks to the new nonstick coating. The indicator lights let you know when this device is heated, or when your food is ready. You can multitask and still create a delicious breakfast. You can also change out the waffle plates and use the included pancake plates. This product is constructed out of durable materials and backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Cleaning time has been reduced dramatically because of the removable hot plates. You can store this unit anywhere, as it is designed to be folded up to reduce size. The intelligent features found on this product make it a great buy. If you are looking for a waffle maker that can give you professional results, you should consider this product.

#1 – All-Clad 99011Gt Stainless Steel

Price: $123.40
You save: $76.59 (38 %)
14 new from $123.405 used from $102.57
  • Shade/Browning selection dial with 7 different settings to accommodate every taste
  • Steam-release system for crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside waffles
  • Ready to cook and ready to eat LED indicator lights to let you know when to pour your batter in and when your waffles are ready to eat
  • Nonstick cooking surface and removable drip tray provide effortless release and quick, easy cleanup
  • Easy-to-cut sections and extra-deep pockets to enjoy your waffles with any type of topping
The All-Clad 99011GT Stainless Steel Waffle Maker sets the standard for quality and reliability. This unit combines convenience with usability. The LED indicators notify you when your waffles are ready to be eaten. The patented steam release feature makes your waffles crispier. As the steam is released, your waffles get fluffier on the inside. This product is protected by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Only superb components were used in the construction of this device. This is the best overall waffle maker because of the innovative features built in. Cleanup is easier because of the removable hot plates. If you are the kind of person that will only settle for the best overall waffle maker, this product is the perfect choice for you.

Waffle Maker Reviews & Comparisons

WAFFLE MAKERS TopPickLRG white image white image white image BestValueLRG
MODELS  All-Clad 99011Gt Stainless Steel  Cuisinart Waf-300 Belgian Waffle Maker  Conair Wmk600 Double  Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker  Presto 03510 Flipside






X-FACTOR Steam-Release System 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Plates And A 4-Slot Pancake Plate Double Belgian Waffle Maker Cool-Touch, Easy-Flip Handle Folds For Easy Storage Digital Display
DIMENSIONS 10X7X13.5″ 9.7 X 12.2 X 6.3″ 9.8 X 9.3 X 15.5″ 10.5 X 16 X 9.2″ 12 X 12 X 3″
WEIGHT 7Lbs 8.2Lbs 10.3Lbs 6.8Lbs 4.8Lbs
COLOR Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Black
WAFFLE DIAMETER 6.5″ Adjustable 6.5″ 6.5″ 7″
THICKNESS 1/2″ Adjustable 1″ 1 1/2″ 1 1/2″
WARRANTY LENGTH 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
ADJUSTABLE BROWNING YesMark YesMark YesMark YesMark NoMark
SOUND INDICATOR YesMark YesMark YesMark NoMark NoMark
SUCTION CUPS YesMark NoMark NoMark NoMark NoMark
EASY CLEANING YesMark YesMark YesMark YesMark NoMark
AMAZON PRIME? YesMark YesMark YesMark YesMark YesMark
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Waffle Makers Buyer’s Guide

There’s a lot of technical terms being thrown around in these reviews, so it may benefit you to brush up on some of the features to look for when purchasing the best waffle maker for your needs. Here’s a quick breakdown of some terms you’ll often see and how they relate to your waffle maker experience. Browning Level: This is a term that refers to the level of heating applied to the outside of your waffle. Many foods can be browned. Hot Plate: This is the part of the waffle maker that heats up. Removable hot plates can make cleaning easier. Belgian Waffle: These waffles are made from a lighter batter. They also have deeper squares to catch more toppings. Batter: This is another term for your waffle mix prior to cooking. Your batter is poured onto the hot plates. Keep these terms in mind when comparing prices and features to find the Best Waffle Maker!

Top 5 Best Waffle Makers

Ranking Waffle Maker Best Feature
#1 All-Clad 99011Gt Stainless Steel Steam-Release System
#2 Cuisinart Waf-300 Belgian Waffle Maker 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Plates And A 4-Slot Pancake Plate
#3 Conair Wmk600 Double Double Belgian Waffle Maker
#4 Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker Cool-Touch, Easy-Flip Handle Folds For Easy Storage
#5 Presto 03510 Flipside Digital Display

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