Bob Revolution Pro Stroller Review

By September 13, 2016Baby and Toddler


Wheels: With a swivel/locking 12” front wheel and 16” rear wheels, your run is sure to be comfortable for both you and your child.
Suspension: The adjustable state-of-the-art suspension system allows for 3” of travel and two different stages of weight support to produce a smoother ride.
Brakes: Thanks to hand-activated rear drum brakes, you will remain in complete control while reducing downhill speeds, producing a smooth ride.
Canopy And Storage: Both an extra large storage basket basket and large “follow the sun” canopy, children will be extra comfortable. The canopy can push all the way forward, keeping the sun out from each angle.
Folding: While the stroller is foldable, it required two hands to do so because the model is big and clunky (44 x 25.4 x 43 inches).

Melinda F.

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