Bodycraft Xpress Pro Review

By October 13, 2016Sporting Goods
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Cable Station Arms: The BodyCraft Xpress Pro’s arms give the user fluid movement and allow for pivoting between angles to provide a whole new group of exercises.
Adjustable Components: This model’s seat, press arm, seat back and cable pulley arms are all adjustable. Consequently, your body is correctly positioned to do each exercise and optimize its effect.
Lifetime Warranty: BodyCraft offers and extensive lifetime warranty that covers all parts, including the bars, pulley ropes and frame. This is impressive and should be taken advantage of.
Gym Layout: The travel time between the cables and the weights is so smooth that exercises seem easier to execute with this machine. This home gym’s design facilitates the setup of each exercise.
Assembly: This model’s instructions aren’t as clear and concise as they could be and the machine can take up to six hours to assemble.

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