Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Skyhawk Titanium Watch Review

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Skyhawk Watch
Traveling: If you need a dual-time zone watch, this timepiece gets high marks for staying accurate. Radio signals are received both automatically and on-demand in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, China, and Japan.
Lightweight: Titanium construction is much lighter than stainless steel, so, for a big watch, reviewers like that it’s surprisingly lightweight and comfortable.
Durability: Reviewers give this timepiece high marks for durability, as several say they’ve worn their watches every day for over 5 years without issue. The watch comes with a 5 year warranty.
Aesthetic: Reviewers like the sleek design and aesthetic appeal of this feature-packed and functional watch; many note that even though it is packed with features, it’s still easily readable.
No Batteries Needed: The solar-powered “Eco-Drive” means you’ll never have to change the batteries, so feel free to avoid that purchase in the future.

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