Cybertron Borg-Q Review

By July 10, 2016Gaming
CybertronPC Borg-Q Gaming Desktop

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Processor: When it comes to processors, AMD is usually overshadowed by the Intel chipset of CPUs. However, there’s many benefits to using AMD hardware, especially if your entire machine is built around it. This processor is very fast, can be overclocked and synchronizes beautifully with AMD graphics cards.
Keyboard/Mouse: Often times, manufacturers will leave out a keyboard and mouse with desktops in order to save cost and time. The Cybertron Borg-Q bucks that trend by including a wireless keyboard and mouse with your purchase!
USB: Any experienced computer geek will tell you: you can never have too many USB ports. Thankfully, this machine includes four screaming-fast USB 3.0 ports! Feel free to plug in any tablets, external hard drives, or smartphones to this machine.
PSU: The power supply unit, or PSU, that this desktop comes with draws about 450W of power. This is ideal for most mid to high-end graphics cards, making this power supply ideal for upgrading your graphical capabilities.
Warranty: The manufacturer includes a lifetime tech support warranty, which won’t be voided by upgrading or replacing internal components. This is very rare, and an incredibly good deal.
Design: There’s no delicate way of putting this: the design of this PC isn’t great. Although, this is a very functional gaming PC, it should be stored in a dedicated place inside or under a desk.
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