Dell I3847-5847Bk Review

By October 3, 2016Gaming
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Time-Tested Os: Microsoft may have moved on from Windows 7, but the majority of their customers haven’t. It has excellent stability, light weight, and amazing support from the community.
Ample System Memory: With 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM, this computer will be able to handle even the most taxing of situations. Feel free to surf the web, listen to music, download a game off Steam and watch Twitch at the same time.
Wireless & Bluetooth: Integrated into this desktop is a very convenient wireless card, allowing you to connect to Wifi. Additionally, the Bluetooth receiver will support wireless peripherals like headsets.
Powerful Integrated Graphics: No, this is not a joke: the integrated graphics capabilities of this computer are absolutely suitable for gaming. It will be able to run most new games without issue.
International Compatibility: For anyone outside of North America or looking to move outside of North America, this desktop’s power supply comes with a setting making it compatible with international power outlets.


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