Fender Telecaster Review

By May 31, 2016Music
fender telecaster

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Recognizable Name: Originating during the mid 1940s, Fender has long since held its reputation as being one of the most recognizable guitar brands on the market. The American Standard Telecaster stands as an ode to the era of vintage electric guitars. Designed in the spirit of the solid body Hawaiian guitars by Rickenbacker, Fender sought to put the love of the craft at the forefront with this legendary model.
Improvements From Earlier Models: This Telecaster model offers improved bridges from older models, equipped with bent steel saddles.
Brass Bridge Plates: This guitar sports brass bridge plates, which increases resonance and sustains sound when shredding commences.
Hand-Rolled Fingerboard: Another important feature that Fender boasts over its competition is their hand-rolled fingerboard. This makes the neck feel exceptionally comfortable to play!
Fret Maintenance: If your frets need repair from so much finger dancing, the bolt-in maple fretboard makes for easy maintenance.
No Pickup Buzz: These guitars produce almost no buzz on the pickup, meaning there’s no annoying hum or noise feedback when you’re in the studio or playing live.

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