Gigibon Usb Overhead Document Camera Book Scanner Review

By October 3, 2016Electronics
Fast Scanning: This overhead document camera encompasses quick scanning abilities that allow you to click and scan a range of books, photos and objects. The items are ready to be scanned in one second courtesy of the one scan feature.
Interactive Software: This overhead document camera includes added software that makes it easy to edit pictures and create your own digital books. The creative software makes a great addition to any classroom, library or workspace at a low price.
Useful Lighting: The Gigibon overhead book scanner encompasses advanced LED lighting that helps capture high-definition images. Once you scan the item, you can organize the product using the software to create your own digital PDF books.
Limited Compatibility: This model’s software is not compatible with Apple Mac products, and irregular symbols appear during the software installation if there is improper decoding. A user who installs the software on a PC should be able to do so simply and successfully.
No Stand-Alone Memory: This model does not stand alone in terms of memory, so it must be connected to a computer via USB. The files are saved to the computer this way in different formats and colors.



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