JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review

By August 5, 2016Toys and Games
JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table
Beautiful Wood Composite Surface – The JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table’s wood composite surface makes for the best playing area possible. This helps maximize ball bounce and table dexterity.
Thick Top – Thickness of your desired table is important, and this model doesn’t disappoint. At ⅝ inches, this top contends with the best ping pong tables on the market in strength and reliability.
Durable Legs – This model’s 1.5-inch legs help keep the table sturdy and also durable against the elements.
Two Tables – Versatility characterizes this model. It can be used for more than just playing games. Separate this table into two parts for entertainment purposes when guests come over.
Adjustable Tension System – Adjust the tension of the net to your liking with this table. It’s an uncommon feature among ping pong tables today, but it allows you to customize your playing experience to the fullest.
No Storage – This table unfortunately doesn’t come with any ball or paddle storage for when the game ends and both parties call it a day.
Assembly Required – This model does need to be assembled, but the good news is it only takes 20 minutes to get it ready for competition.

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