JOOLA Rally TL 500 Review

By August 5, 2016Toys and Games
Magnetic Scorecards – The JOOLA RALLY TL 500 comes with two magnetic abacus scorekeepers, making it easy to keep track of games in the heat of competition.
Corner Ball Holders – Four JOOLA patented corner ball holders are at each end of the table to keep the game rolling, while also doubling as useful storage units.
Charcoal Painted Surface – This model’s black surface helps players distinguish the ball from the table as it’s rallied over the net.
Adjustable Feet – When you’re playing on an uneven surface, this table’s adjustable feet help to keep the table flat. It’s perfect for playing in any condition or on any surface.
Non-Adjustable Net Height – There’s no way for players to adjust the height of this model’s net. Most high-end pong tables come with this capability.
Inside Play Only – The JOOLA Rally TL 500 is for inside use only, don’t expect it to be able to stand up against harsh outdoor conditions or sunrays.

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