Petrainer Pet998Dbb Review

By September 22, 2016Pets


Remote Control: The included remote control allows the dog owner to operate the bark collar as needed, which makes it perfect for training sessions.
4 Modes: The Petrainer PET998DBB operates via four different modes. You can have the collar shock, beep, strobe, or vibrate to give your pet the proper idea.
Useable For 330 Yards: The remote control can operate this bark collar from 330 yards away. If your pet gets loose, you’ll be able to send it some warnings to stop if needed.
Intensity: The intensity with this collar is severe! If you want to train your dog, make sure to take the advertised “100 levels of shock” seriously.
Need To Babysit: The collars don’t work on their own without someone using the remote control. You’ll have to stay hands-on with these.


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