Roland TD-11K-S Review

By July 12, 2016Music
Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set

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Sound Quality: Mesh drum heads on the Roland TD-11K-S generate natural sound and responsiveness, while dual-triggering technology provides even sensing between the head and rim. The kit’s expanded pads also offers a comfortable rim and quiet rimshots.
Training Features: There’s tons of practice features on the TD-11K-S to help any level of drummer advance their skills. Users can record and playback their songs, or get feedback from a coaching function.
Playing Options: A diverse library of 190 sounds covers nearly every genre, while users can also experiment with 50 programmable kits and 10 ambient effects. There’s also backing songs on the module that are ideal for play-along and performance purposes. In addition, this model is enhanced with SuperNATURAL technology, which provides a more natural, authentic and realistic playing experience.
Great Connectivity: The TD-11K-S comes with ports for USB, MIDI and auxiliary cord connections. These features let the user to access computer applications and store data and playback of many other songs.
Efficient Design: With one of the most durable and efficient designs on the market, it’s easy to see why the TK-11K-S is our top pick for best electronic drum set on the market. The compact stand sets up quickly, but also allows for flexible positioning of the drum components.

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