Sentinel Fm101P Review

By September 21, 2016Office
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Sentinel Fm101P Review

Shred More: Sentinel Fm101P gives you the option to shred CDs and DVDs. You can keep your data protected and out of unwanted hands.
Added Mobility: This device can be rolled to the exact location at which you need to use it. This is helpful when you have a large amount of paper to shred at your desk, as it also allows for more privacy when shredding.
Intuitive Design: This unit is very easy to use and understand. The auto start/stop feature makes shredding as easy as feeding your paper into the unit.
Shredding Speed: This product will slow down dramatically when shredding 10 or more pages at once. This means you may have to separate larger documents before inserting them into your shredder.
More Noise: This product can get loud during heavy use. You may have to shred larger documents away from others in the office, to prevent causing any distractions.

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