Squier By Fender Set Review

By September 22, 2016Music
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Beginner Kit: Perfect for budding musicians, many of the best starter electric guitars come with everything you’ll need to get off the ground: guitar, amp, cable, picks, strap, tuner, instructional DVD, and gig bag to easily take your music outside the house.
Strings: Strung with small gauge strings, the “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing” Set is an easier beginner electric guitar to play.
Pickups: With three single-coil pickups, this Fender Strat will produce a clean, smooth rock n’ roll sound right off the bat.
Body: The Fender Stratocaster is a leading beginner electric guitar in the industry because the solid wood body is sturdy, comfortable and the best electric guitar for beginners.
Weight: Unlike many other beginner electric guitars, this model weighs quite a bit more (25.6 lbs). The best electric guitars for beginners are typically lighter to help learners stay comfortable, especially younger learners.
Toggle Switch: While a five-position switch does provide more options and sounds, beginners may find the different tone options a little more confusing while they’re still in the learning process.

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