STIGA InstaPlay Table Review

By August 5, 2016Toys and Games
STIGA InstaPlay Table
No Assembly Required – With the STIGA InstaPlay table, once it’s delivered you can start playing immediately. Many tables need to be put together before you can get going, but Stiga InstaPlay gets its name for a reason.
Sturdy Table Legs – The strong legs underneath this table are sturdy and prevent long-term wear and tear, while also keeping the table steady during gameplay.
Black Top – This model’s black surface helps to keep the ball visible during gameplay. It’s also sanded and UV filled to create a smooth playing surface.
Corner Protectors – A rare feature, this product’s corner protectors help to keep players safe when running around the table. Perfect for those looking to buy a table for smaller children.
Playback Position – Quickly and effortlessly switch this ping pong table up into a playback position for solo play.
For Indoor Use Only – This table is strictly for indoor use only. There’s no features or parts designed for the outdoors.
No Leg Adjustment – There’s no way to adjust the leg height on the table to make sure the playing surface is always level. Not every table has this feature, but it would certainly be helpful if the Stiga Instaplay did.

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