Syber Vapor SVEB300 Review

By July 15, 2016Gaming
Syber Vapor SVEB300 Desktop

Controller & Keyboard: This is a computer designed specifically around gaming, so it’s only natural that it would come with a gamepad. Enjoy playing games with controller support on your PC such as DOOM and Batman: Arkham Knight. In addition to its gamepad, this machine includes a useful mini QWERTY keyboard with a touchpad.
Hardware: In order to keep the cost low, while still providing quality gaming hardware, this machine uses an AMD CPU and graphics card. On top of being cheap and powerful, these products work even better in tandem, and have some overclocking ability too!
Design: The design aesthetic of this computer is similar to a standard home gaming console, such as the Xbox or Playstation. This means it will look right at home in your living room or home entertainment center, and the addition of Steam Big Picture Mode makes it controllable with the included gamepad as well.
OS: This machine has an excellent operating system included, Windows 10. Stream movies, use productivity apps and play hardcore games with this computer with ease.
Upgrades: The downside of this computer being designed in such a self-contained way is that it makes upgrading the internal components significantly harder. Expect compatibility issues and poor airflow if you try and beef it up.


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