Thule 12mm Xg12 Pro Deluxe Snow Chain Review

By September 22, 2016Automotive
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5 Year Warranty: With the longest warranty of any other snow chains surveyed, the Thule Pro Deluxe chains is covered for five years by the manufacturer.
Self Tensioning: The chains are self tensioning so they’ll mold around the tires by themselves without any additional adjustments.
Self Centering: Sometimes snow chains will get off kilter and start to slip around a bit. The Thule Pro Deluxe’s stay self centered during use every time.
Diamond Shape: The unique diamond shape of these chains help rides stay smooth and keep vibration at a minumum during tough conditions.
Quick Release Removal: Is the storm over with? Just hit the quick release removal to take the chains off when the sun comes out and the roads are clear.

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