Yamaha Dtx400K 10-Inch Electronic Drum Set Review

By September 20, 2016Music
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Ten-In-One: This compact electronic instrument includes ten professional drum sets in one kit, giving you access to an expansive range of top-quality sounds.
Vast Sound Library: The DTX400K features an impressive library of 293 sounds of the utmost quality. This expands your opportunities to craft the perfect kit.
Training Module: Its embedded training module makes learning drums fun and easy. Combined with its muffled function, it will teach you to control your strikes and play more accurately.
Easy To Set Up: Simple to assemble, this is a sturdy drum set built from robust materials. This means more durability and comfort while seating.
Hard Snare: The snare and tom pads are fairly hard. This means it will not capture every depth and nuance of your playing.

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