Yamaha Fg700S Entry Level Acoustic Guitar Review

By October 3, 2016Music
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Warranty: This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which gives you a peace of mind when learning how to play the guitar.
Full-Size: This guitar features a full-size body, which makes transitioning to a professional guitar much easier after learning.
Case: The guitar case that comes with this product makes it extremely easy to carry the guitar around wherever you go, and the extra pockets allow you to bring your tuner, picks, etc. with you.
Picks: Some customers were disappointed in the picks that came with the guitar, claiming they were supposed to be .73 and .88 mm, but instead recieved thick 1.0 mm picks.
Stand: Buyers complained about the quality of the stand, saying it came with defects that prevented them from being able to use it.


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